About Us

Welcome To VSV Wins

VSV Wins Inc is a United States company headquartered in San Ramon, California with presence in San Diego and Dover Delaware along with an offshore office in Mohali, India. Though, the company was founded only in 2018, the leadership has an experience of more than 10+ years in the Industry.

We provide the approach and solutions to your enterprise on all your staffing needs, from finding and recruiting the proper skills that suit your business needs. Our revolutionary consulting and staffing offerings help you to find great candidates at top positions as we constantly try to exceed your expectations.

The company aims to grow, by growing the business of its clients by simplifying and speeding the way business is done. VSV Wins core competency is in building client dedicated teams , which consistently deliver quality services and in due course become extension of the client, delivering clear competitive advantage beyond traditional cost efficiencies.

Why VSV Wins 

Do you want to find the brightest Engineering professionals? We know the kind you want–Engineers and Engineering support staff who thrive on defining and solving complex problems. The trick is, you need them to be creative and analytical, but you also want team players who can communicate well and fit in with your current Engineering environment.

Well, get ready to build your team! VSVWINS is the right recruiting partner to help you find the best candidates in the Engineering industry.

Our Solutions 

Delivering more than just resources. We deliver human intellect that makes the difference. We provide the strategy and solutions that power your business on a human scale, from finding and recruiting the right talent to anticipating your business’ changing needs. We recruit experienced, qualified candidates with the right expertise and enthusiasm to seamlessly join your team.


From project-specific contract employees to long-term executive staff, we understand your business and tailor solutions just for you.


We maintain a long list of well known clients because we see the big picture and help our clients plan ahead.

Staffing Services Domains:

  • Engineer (Construction/Healthcare/Automotive/Embedded/Lab Engineering)
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceuticals/Lifesciences
  • Admin/Professional Support
  • BFSI

In Demand Skills

Agile Software Development
Enterprise Mobility
Quality Engineering

Our Mision & Vision

VSV Wins is a growing & mighty staffing company. At VSV Wins, we believe in Great minds, Great works and therefore assist our Clients in their growth story by providing them the unique talent they are looking for. We constantly track talent in our domain area and across every line of business, so we can bring the people and skills when you need them—without compromising quality.
To facilitate customized and quality staffing services to penetrate market share and grow your business profitability with the right talent.